Hiring with Interactive Hire provides the convenience of hiring with the flexibility of updating to the latest and newest touch screen technology. Removing the need of worrying about the disposal of old equipment or making a large capital outlay for new permanent equipment.

Testing & Trying

You wouldn’t buy a new vehicle without test driving it first. With so many brands and models now available, the same applies to touch screens. Guarantee satisfaction by hiring for a period of time before you buy.

Events & Functions

Interactive Hire can deliver, set-up onsite and collect at the end of your event or function. Saving you money as there is no need to buy for your one-off event.

Projects & Presentations

For short term projects, it is difficult to justify expenditure that will leave you with surplus equipment once complete. Interactive Hire will provide you with an cost effective estimate, no matter the duration of your project.


Interactive Hire can install any number of touch screen or kiosk solutions to your specifications and needs. Whilst trainee numbers can fluctuate from course to course, hiring with Interactive Hire will provide you the ease and flexibility to cope whilst reducing the hit to your capital.

Why choose Interactive Hire?

We can source almost anything related to touch screens and are ideally placed to provide you with:

  • All popular touch screen products (desktops, large format, industrial, kiosks, touch panels etc),
  • All popular touch screen technologies (Resistive, Infrared, SAW, Capacitive),
  • Fast delivery of products (Overnight delivery to most capital cities)
  • Competitive product pricing,
  • Specialist technical advice and and ongoing support.

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