Avoid boring your customers or missing your targets at your next event

For marketing and events teams, justifying budget and resource for trade shows, conferences and promotional events is challenging when you’re not able to demonstrate real ROI. To generate significant leads and brand engagement, you need to not only attract more people to your booth but ensure they have an engaging experience while they are there.  If you’re still handing out flyers and forms at your events, it could be that your delivering an experience that feels cumbersome a little outdated.

This need to squeeze more value out of marketing budgets explains the recent surge in the use interactive technology at conferences, launches and events. For our clients, introducing touchscreens into their events promotions has helped to maximise return and improve brand profile.

  • Firstly, the practical advantages: using digital displays/signage and touchscreens to replace the print brochures and roll-up banners reduces the hassle of shipping and packing a tonne of promotional material that most conference-goers won’t want to lug home at the end of the day. Updating content when you spot and error or want tailor it to a specific event is also a lot easier when dealing with digital versus print content.
  • Secondly, there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that when people are able to interact with content  through touch, their engagement, recall and understanding (1, 2)

Surveys carried out by several big brands, especially in the retail and financial sector support the academic research into the engagement impact of touchscreen technology. A consumer survey by Barclays Bank in the UK revealed that 65% of consumers would be more likely to visit a store that provided self-serve information – particularly when delivered via a touchscreen (3).

In a trade-show or conference environment, the same principle applies. Allowing prospects and customers to interact with your latest product, website or mobile app on a touchscreen monitor, kiosk or wall will keep them occupied while you finish conversations with other prospects and allow them to consume and process information in their own time (4).

Capturing leads also become a more seamless process when integrated into your touchscreen content. That awkward, slightly intrusive, task of asking for a prospect’s contact details before entering a competition or answering a survey is also eliminated when you allow your customers the time and privacy to share that information voluntarily.

Touchscreen Sport-Simulator at Tag Heuer event

The fun-factor should also never be underestimated. Children’s toys are meticulously designed to make learning a fun and explorative experience. Why should your product displays and demos be any different? The flexibility of varying digital content between events and different screens also provides you with a valuable way to test one sort of content against another. Why not run one survey, game or demo on one screen and another on a second screen to see which performs best?

If you’re keen to get more value out of your events, start thinking about the ways you could deliver surveys, games, demos and presentations digitally and take a look at how some of our clients, including Public Transport Victoria and Mini Customs, have used touchscreens to achieve their event objectives. If you’re keen to test the use of touchscreens at your next event but not sure how to produce the right content – we’re happy to share ideas; guide you through the process, organise nation-wide delivery and provide product training when you need it.


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